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TN Marathon
25th June 2017

Show the world you have a heart that cares

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With TN Marathon
Show your heart you care.
Show the world you have a heart that cares.

Get up, sport your running gear and start running, for you will realize that running is not just any other activity or exercise but a way of life for the diehards. Running is the fountain of youth and improves health and well-being. Runners have fewer disabilities and remain active longer. There is no question that the fitter you are the better your quality of life is. While the benefits are innumerable nothing beats the joy it brings, the childlike glee and with the wind in your hair the exhilaration is unmatched.

The Tamil Nadu Marathon 2017 initiated by the Tamil Nadu Athletic Association aims to create an awareness of health and raise funds for the training of athletes to represent our country in international meets. The Tamilnadu Marathon 2017 recognized by national and international sports bodies aims to be a catalyst for promoting wellness and is the first step towards this goal.

For most of us running a marathon is fun while others may try to challenge themselves to test their endurance. But besides this we could also run the marathon to support a charitable cause. The inaugural edition of Tamilnadu Marathon 2017 provides you just the right excuse to stay healthy and fit and also to support a noble cause as the proceeds would go towards supporting the Tamilnadu Athletic Association in helping nurture athletes in the State. The proceeds aids in supporting young athletes from Tamilnadu who aspire to bring laurels to the state and country by helping them meet the required costs of training and competing. With your support the charity will be able to help athletes achieve their potential and realize the country’s dreams. Don’t pause you can help raise money for a cause. You would be running on behalf of potential talents of Tamilnadu. And if you truly believe that it’s no longer just about yourself, but about something truly important that makes a real difference, have a heart: do register to be at the starting line. So get set, go…

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